Broken Group Islands
August 27 - 31, 2007
The Broken Group Islands are a collection of more than 100 small islands nestled in Barkley Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island between Ucluelet & Bamfield.
  • Andre & Trudel Kroecher
  • Reimar Kroecher
  • Ian Gray
  • Paul Halmshaw ("The Shaw")
Day -1
Camp in Torquat Bay Rec Site, where we spend the night & leave the vehicles during the trip. L-R: Ian, The Shaw, Andre
Day 1
Torquat Bay sunrise
Loaded up & ready to go. L-R: The Shaw (Feathercraft), Reimar & Ian (Klepper)
17', 42lb Kevlar Hellman
Lunch stop on Hand Island
Unfortunate timing to come down with a bad cold
The Hand Island Pirates strung up Ian - we managed to get to him just in time
We settle on Dodd Island as our base camp. L-R: Ian, Trudel, The Shaw, Reimar
Day 2
Narrow passage between Mullins & Keith Islands
Cliffs on Dempster Island
Sea caves on Dempster. The left cave randomly roared like a fire-breathing-dragon - adding to the excitement of paddling into its depths
Lunch on Gibralter. L - R: Ian, Trudel (resting - throat still sore), Reimar
Day 3
Dodd Island campsite
Hankin Island
Lovett Island. We spent the better part of the day here, relaxing in the sun
L - R: Ian, Reimar, The Shaw, Andre
Paddling to Turrett Island
The Readers, Trudel & Paul
Day 4
The $40,000 solar composting toilets which each camp island (8 of them) is supplied with. Very clean and odorless.
We begin the foggy morning with a quick portage over the intertidal zone between Turett and Trickett Islands
Clarke Island
Reimar runs into an old friend camped on Clarke Island!!
Benson Island - lots of visitors!
Andre's pictographs (c/o discarded mascara tube - who packs mascara on a paddling trip??)
Day 5
Camp on Stopper Island
Interesting branches outside Ian's tent...
Day 6
Sunrise from Stopper Island
Packing up
Paddling back across Torquat Bay, with 9 peaks above
  • Whales - a great show every day!! (Humpback whales)
  • Porpoises
  • Lots & lots of eagles
  • Harbour seals (didn't make it out to the sea lions, next time)
  • Swimming (the guys)
  • Excellent weather & paddling conditions
  • Pristine surroundings
  • The outhouses, definitely
  • Meeting lots of great people
  • The blowhole on Benson - W-O-W - I guess we hit it just right!!
  • Intertidal campfires
  • Did I mention the outhouses??