Victoria Weekend

June 26 - July 1, 2007

Paul had rented a house on Government St. in Victoria for the month of June. So, the usual 3-some set out on our bikes from Tswassen (leaving the truck in town), hopped a ferry and rode the Lochside trail into downtown Victoria - an easy 35 km - for a week-long visit to The Shaw.
Wow - what an exceptional photograph!! Highly artistic...
That's Trudel & Ian, in case you couldn't find us in the crowd there
Just outside Paul's house with his Prius (having 2 "in the family" does make it confusing...) L-R: Ian, Andre, Paul (aka The Shaw)
An afternoon walk around downtown; view of Parliment Building.
The Empress Hotel
Here is where I need to put in some photos of our 125 km ride to the end of the Galloping Goose (and beyond) & back. Ian - I need those photos you took & some of those video clips too.
June 29 - Scooter Day!!!
So this was just about the most fun I've ever had - maybe only because for once I was on something motorized and not either pedalling, paddling or hiking my butt off...
Get that chick off that thing - can't you see she's a menace?! And him - what does he think he is, a motorized yogi or something??
Looking all calm and composed for the camera. Ian, Trudel, The Shaw
We rode for hours & hours & hours. Paul led us north of Victoria into the Highlands where we wove around on all the narrow, twisty mountain roads. We were hit by a few heavy showers, but nothing could dampen our scooter sprits! The rental shop owner allowed us to keep them until the next morning for no extra charge (return time is normally 5pm) - so our evening was full of more scooter madness than I care to share here!
Dropping in for a quick rest (scootering is hard work on the rear).
The scooter gang infront of Craigdarroch Castle. L-R: The Shaw, Ian, Trudel, Andre
View from Moss Rock
Cool sign for Recyclistas Bike "shop"