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Ernie: 1993 - October 24, 2006

Oscar: February 14, 1996 - November 9, 2010

Grover: April 10, 1996 - October 22, 2012

Grover in toy pram-looks comfy!
Ernie the Dachshund; Srping 2003 Oscar Ernie; 1997; 4 yrs old Grover and Oscar Ernie; 2003; 11yrs old
Oscar and Grover on their favorite perch Ernie and Grovie Nice physique, Grover! This is where we keep Oscar until we need him. Can you spot him?
Ernie Goes Hollywood (Ian's reflection in glasses)
Ernie and Grovie
Check out the size of that cat!!!
Oscar sleeping
Ernie and Grover at the beginning of the love affair
Soft Cuddles
Ernie and Grovie cuddles Which is real, which is not? Sunbathing And you call yourself a male cat??
  Great sadness....

Our little brown guy, Ernie, passed away October 24, 2006.

Almost 14 years old, he shared 13 years with us. What a great loss we feel, what joy he brought to our lives.

Until we meet again....

How the Orphanage came to be....

First there came Ernie, back in December 1993 from the SPCA. Three years later he was followed by Oscar (white cat) and soon after Grover (orange cat). As a tiny kitten, Oscar roamed into our yard and decided he liked us better than his current servant (our neighbour below). Until, that is, we went away for four days. He moved back in, making best friends with his replacement, a teensy, though gangly, orange kitten. The two became inseperable, but their servant didn't want both (she already had 2 cats and a big dog). So, we inherited both. But new names were required: Magic (for the white one) and Hamish (the organge one) just didn't cut it for us. I came up with "Grover" first, and only months later, when I saw my friend wearing an "Oscar the Grouch" t-shirt did I realize how that name suited the grumpy white kitty.

You would think small animals don't take up much room. Of course we were blessed with two cats that grew to become among the largest (not fattest, just large) cats anyone has seen. Grover doesn't even fit well through the cat door we installed for Ernie when we built the cabin!

Interspecial Love: This term was coined by Sona, and rightly so! Ernie and Grover have a very special love. It's not just gay, it's interspecial!